NALINV will take the nanometer new material as the bridge, unceasingly research and development innovation, serves the industry, the contribution society.

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HS Inorganic Series


Weather Resistance for 10 years

100% pure inorganic

Visible light reflectance is less than 6%

Comfortable Driving Is Safer

The excellent color insulation technology creates a cool and comfortable driving environment, which is conducive to maintaining a good driving state and driving a car more safely. Effectively block glare, let you effectively master the car conditions, and one more travel protection. Effectively avoid the glass splash caused by accidents and cause personal injury and protect your safety.

Nano-Meter Ceramic Insulation Technology

Nano-meter non-gold and gold metal insulation technology, high insulation, full color, long- lasting stability.

Reduce Fuel Consumption

Selective spectral filtering reduces the heat inside the brakes to a large extent,reducing the air conditioning load and fuel consumption. Effectively block the heat source and heat conduction, so that the effect of the cold room is no longer discounted, reducing fuel consumption.

Satellite Transmission Free Interference

Constant color film does not contain gold and gold metal and fuel material components, does not affect the acceptance of gps, has no oxygen. The advantages of not losing color. Highly efficient UV-insulating, the barrier rate is over 99%, no thorn-like thorns, gold metal and glare, it will not cause light pollution, and will not affect everyone on the road or other drivers.

Lifetime Guarantee Is Not Faded

Lifetime does not fade color quality assurance and five-year quality assurance. The flexible film substrate is used, and does not contain gold metal. The baking film is more convenient and convenient, the installation liquid evaporates faster, the construction worker is easier and easier, and the glass bonding effect is better.

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