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Magnetron Sputtering Film Series

Magnetron Sputtering Film Series

The production process of magnetron sputtering and heat insulation is to use the electric ion to orderly bombard nickel, silver, titanium, gold, gold, indium, copper, aluminum and other precious gold metal in a vacuum environment. The material is controlled by a magnetic field to uniformly deposit gold metal ions onto the optical grade pet substrate and deposit into a gold metal plating layer.

Thermal Insulation Principle

The magnetron sputtering thermal insulation film is a reflective thermal insulation film. It coats the molecules of gold and gold such as nickel and silver on a safe substrate by sputtering. These gold and gold metal layers selectively exchange various thermal energy sources in sunlight, including infrared rays and ultraviolet rays. It can be seen that the light heat is reflected back. Therefore, it is effective to pray for heat insulation and protect the human body and the interior of the car from UV damage.

Skin Care & Sun Protection

Block UV skin care and insulation, block more than 90% of infrared ray.

Widely Used

The magnetron sputtering gold-gold metal film is known for its excellent color performance of reflective heat insulation. Clear and separated. It is widely used in steam car glass film and architectural glass film because of its many characteristics such as heat, stability, low reflection, pure color, no fade color and long service life.

Lifetime Guarantee Is Not Faded

Lifetime does not fade color quality assurance and five-year quality assurance. The flexible film substrate is used, and does not contain gold metal. The baking film is more convenient and convenient, the installation liquid evaporates faster, the construction worker is easier and easier, and the glass bonding effect is better.

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