NALINV will take the nanometer new material as the bridge, unceasingly research and development innovation, serves the industry, the contribution society.

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Chip Dyed Film


1、Anti-stun protection

Use high-quality substrate to effectively filter harmful light and soften glare

2、High definition、High Weather Resistance、Stable quality

The pet substrate adopts the three-layer co-extruded core layer coloring technology, and the resolution is excellent. The carbon series adopts the new nanometer rice dispersion polymerization technology, and the appearance is exquisite. The three-layer ultraviolet filtering technology is super long. Late, Rich color and uniform color.

3、privacy protection

From the outside to the inside, the appearance of the car's thermal insulation film is the same, adding beauty to the car body. The inner side of your glass window is translucent and white. The one-way film allows light to penetrate, but can block They cover the eyes of others who are peeping. Create your own private space.

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