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Created date: 2019-08-20
How to protect the car paint properly

Many people take good care of their cars after they buy them

In order to make their car more beautiful

Car washes became routine

Waxing, sealing glaze and plating crystal are all the same

Each claims to make the car shine and protect its paint

It's like a woman trying to make herself more beautiful

It's often the same with makeup and nail polish

But you may not know

A man for his car

Maintenance may be more expensive than women

But the money needs to be spent wisely

Some of the money you spend doesn't pay off

Instead, it hurts your own car paint

In order to keep you out of the pit, today's edition will tell you the difference between waxing, glazing, crystal plating and car clothing. After reading, you will know which kind of "big health care" is suitable for your car.

Waxing can be done, but it won't last

Waxing believe all owners are more familiar with, the wax types on the market mainly synthetic wax (artificial chemical products) and palm wax (from palm trees), with a small amount of sponge wax, and then in a circular way evenly daub on the car body, to wax surface dry after the dry cloth can be wiped clean;

Interpretation of advantages:

Waxing is equivalent to adding a thin layer of protective film on the car paint, rain has no way to directly erode the car paint, slow down the aging of the paint surface, and the car wax has the function of brightening, after waxing the car paint surface will be much brighter than before waxing.

Weakness analysis:

Car wax is very cheap, but its disadvantages are also obvious, wax durability is not strong, generally one or two months will be ineffective, if you are in the city often rain, acid rain weather, air environment is complex, after two or three times of washing, wax is basically washed away, need to wax frequently; And the wax layer is very thin, for the daily traffic small cut small rub, flying stone splashes, did not reach the role of defense.

Plating crystal damage car paint, it is recommended to do less

Crystal plating is a kind of hard protective coating specially used for car paint, glass, tire, wheel hub, seat, engine, interior, exterior trim and other key parts care. In this way, crystal plating is a chemical protection method to improve the surface hardness of car paint.

Interpretation of Advantages:

Compared with waxing, crystal plating can improve the hardness of paint surface, high temperature resistance, acid rain and ultraviolet radiation, durability is higher than waxing, can maintain for about 6 months, crystal plating can also improve body brightness, oxidation resistance, relatively improve body hardness.

Disadvantage analysis:

Because plating crystal is a chemical means to improve the hardness of car paint, if poor quality plating crystal is encountered, it will inevitably produce chemical reaction with the paint surface, causing irreversible damage.

Moreover, the maintenance time of crystal plating is relatively short, about half a year, after the crystal plating, it needs continuous late maintenance. If the crystal fails in the continuous rainstorm acid rain, the paint surface will be dim and dull, and the maintenance is time-consuming and laborious. Frequent crystal plating is also a considerable expense.

In addition, in order to present a better effect, each time before the construction of the body will be polished, first off a thin layer of paint, is not sound very painful. That's right, a car most polishing is also six or seven times, after polishing car paint easy to thin, the damage to the car is very big, small make up is not recommended to do, if you must do plating crystal, it will bear car paint thin, frequent plating crystal results.

Invisible garments are the most durable, but also the most expensive

Waxing and crystal plating are either poor in durability, unsatisfactory in efficacy, or too complex in technology. Is there not a time-saving protection method, of course! Next, we will introduce the physical paint protective film.

Paint protective film, as its name implies, is to paste a protective film on the surface of car paint, also known as invisible garment. It is a new type of high-performance environmental protection film. It is widely used in the automobile film cosmetology and maintenance industry. Without affecting its own body color, it can also brighten and shine the body, compared with traditional wax plating and crystallization. Learn to protect, paint protective film belongs to physical protection, do not hurt the car paint, first-class protection, is the best choice to protect the original car paint, a few years later want to change the car, after stripping the car coat paint is still very brand-new, can also sell a good price, after all, used car market, car paint accounted for 15% - 20% of the value of the whole car.

1. Super Protection

Invisible garments can effectively prevent dust, acid rain, bird droppings, stubborn gum and other harmful effects on car paint. They are anti-corrosion and anti-acidification in the whole environment, providing careful protection for cars at any time and anywhere.

2. Super Wear Resistance

TPU has strong structural stability and can resist scratches and scratches.

3. Invisible Lighting

Imported materials can seamlessly fit and edge-wrap the whole car, super gloss retention and excellent permeability, while giving the car perfect protection, effectively improve the brightness of the paint by 40%, the car emits a sense of advanced;

4. Super Environmental Protection

Invisible garments are made of environmentally friendly materials, which do no harm to car paint and human body, so that you can feel more at ease and rest assured.

5. Beautiful and lasting

Anti-oxidation, yellowing resistance, no cracking, no edge warping, so that your car lasts for a long time.

6. Perfect and Seamless

Effectively cover up the small scratches of the original car paint, avoid small wear and tear in daily driving. After heated by hot water or hot air, the small scratches on the protective film can be automatically repaired, so that your car can be more protected.

7. Value persistence

Simple construction, removal of no residue, perfect protection of the original car paint, improve the value of the second sale of the vehicle;

8. High ductility

TPU material has high repairing and flexibility, strong tensile, easy to cover radian surface, so as to achieve rapid and efficient installation, remove no residual glue.