Company introduction

NALINV NANOTECHNOLOGY(SHANGHAI) CO.,LTD. (NALINV for short) is a growing technology company with a strong sense of innovation and execution.

The company takes inorganic nanometer application research and development as the core, nanometer modified plastics as the foundation, and integrates nanometer metal oxide powder preparation, dispersion grinding, wet granulation, bi-directional stretch film processing and manufacturing as a whole to create a vertical whole industry chain.

NALINV has a fully intelligent production line of nano powder preparation, dispersion and wet granulation.

At the same time, the company has an industrial pilot base (film, plate, rubber film, injection molding, spinning and polymerization), which gathers a group of overseas returnees and domestic authoritative nano application doctors, and integrates a number of nanomaterials research institutions to achieve a comprehensive layout from basic research to application research, from industrialization to marketization.

NALINV products serve the application fields of architecture, optoelectronics, textile, aviation, automobile, new energy, engineering plastics, etc., to meet the changing needs of the world.